Saturday, February 15, 2014

Written by, Peter Nolan

The state of Georgia is urging all residents to stay off the road and that there is an active ice and snow storm now in effect until Tuesday. 

Roads are icy this morning for the state of Kentucky in the following county's. ChristianMuhlenberg and 
Hopkins.  Icy conditions are also in the extended forecast future for Muhlenberg, Hopkins and Christian County's. An ice and rain mixture is possible for the remainder of the day for the mentioned  county's.
Lexenton Ky is experiencing slower traffic conditions because of slick roads. People are leaving earlier for work to arrive on time. This major city is among others in the state that are taking proper precautions for road preparation. laying salt and ash is in effect for the city limits extended to other populated areas of traffic.


Girl injured in Baltimore sled accident 
In Baltimore a girl was injured in a sled riding accident when a metal rod  impaled in the back. She was only 10 years old at the time. The snow was partially covering the metal rod that inflicted the harm. It was just typical day in Jarrettsville MD that early Monday morning when Hartford County EMS responded to a call on the 3600 block of Anderson Lane, where this all took place.

A spokesman for Hartford County and EMS, Rich Gardner, said the small girl was taken to a trauma unit that afternoon. He was really please with the quick response to the accident. He also mentioned that "all adults should should clear all areas when children are sledding." 

A single rod of rebar was sticking out of the ground reports say. It actually took fire fighters 20 minutes to cut though the metal before taking her to the hospital. She is said to be in serious condition.

Today's  Weather Tip

Always take proper measures to ensure you child's school has weather cancellations  or delay's before sending them to school. Proper clothing is also imperative to address so your children are warm enough to stand at the bus stop before school because school transportation may take longer due to the icy roads